This morning, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments on Hawaii v. Trump, to decide whether one of Trump’s latest Muslim Bans – which permanently bans nationals from six Muslim-majority countries – violates federal law as an overreach of a president’s authority and the Constitution.​

ICHRP US members joined Muslim community groups in their rally and call for #NoMuslimBanEver. And Muslim community leaders stood with ICHRP US members to support our call for #Justice4Jerome.

​8 days ago – Jerome Succor Aba became the first Moro, a Filipino Muslim, to fall victim to US President Trump’s Muslim ban. For 28 hours, Jerome was detained at SFO airport by the Customs and Border Patrol, denied access to any outside communication, and suffered brutally inhumane treatment before being sent back to the Philippines. He had been invited to the U.S. by church groups and rights advocates to be a featured speaker in the Ecumenical Advocacy Days and in the national Stop The Killings speaking tour hosted by ICHRP US and Malaya.

​For the past 8 days, the more than 40 member organizations of ICHRP US across the country have been rallying to demand #Justice4Jerome and we will continue to do so from Washington D.C. to SFO to the Philippines.

As Moro leader Amirah Ali Lidasan stated in her article today: “It is high time that the American people put a stop to the discriminatory and inhumane treatment of the US CBP and Homeland Security agents to innocent travelers that they accuse of being terrorists… It is high time to get rid off and stop supporting policies that promote Islamophobia, xenophobia, and disregard of the democratic rights of the people masquerading as policies to “secure” the people of the United States of America. In the words of the victims of 9-11, “Not in our name!”


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