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#Dubs4Brandon Raffle Announcement:
The Warriors organization has just upgraded the winning prize!!!

Instead of winning tickets to the preseason Oct. 10th game, the winner will get to select 4 Regular Season games they’d like to attend and the Warriors will pick 1 from the 4.

Deadline has been extended to Oct. 25th 10pm PT.

Drawing will be live-streamed on Oct. 26th weekend, exact time is TBA and will feature some very special guests.

For donors who entered the #Dubs4Brandon Raffle before Oct. 4th 5:30pm PT, you are eligible for a FREE RAFFLE TICKET if you do either of the following by Oct. 6th 11pm:

1. On FACEBOOK: share the site, tag 5 friends who don’t know about the issue or are Warriors fans, and tag SFCHRP (so we can find you!).

2. On Instagram: follow SFCHRP, repost #dubs4brandon raffle update, tag 5 friends who don’t know about the issue or are Warriors fans, and tag SFCHRP (so we can find you!)

We will then verify your id and grant you a free raffle ticket. Thank you for your supporting Brandon Lee’s airlift and long-term recovery.

Best of luck to you!


Our beloved friend, Brandon Lee was shot on August 6 at his home in Lagawe, Ifugao. He sustained multiple gunshot wounds. He has undergone operation and is in very critical condition. 

Brandon is a staunch advocate for human rights and has been a volunteer paralegal with Cordillera Human Rights Alliance. Prior to moving to the Philippines, he was active with both the Filipino and Chinese community in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

We are saddened, angry, outraged, and worried that Brandon has been targeted by what we believe are agents of the Philippine military to silence critics of the current Duterte Administration and people like Brandon who are raising awareness about the human rights abuses in the Philippines. Prior to the incident on August 6, he experienced intense harassment and surveillance.

Friends, please help Brandon and his family (wife and daughter) get through this difficult time. We ask that you please consider donating for long term medical care and other expenses that may accrue.

For updates in the Philippines please follow:

CHRA KARAPATAN on FaceBook. If you don’t have Facebook, feel free to leave your email address and we can include you on our updates. 

Let’s do this for Brandon y’all!

Thank you so much for your donation which is critical at this time for the airlift and also immediate and long term medical costs for Brandon.

ALL HANDS ON DECK, EVERYONE! Let’s bring Brandon back to the Bay.

Brandon Lee has been cleared for an airlift to the US by his medical team in the Philippines.  The cost of the airlift alone is a mighty $200,000.  But with your help, we can raise the funds.

For Venmo donations, please put #SaveBrandonLee and send your donation to either of the following people:

Aaron  @Aaron_Y_Lee 
Princess @Princess-Bustos
Charm @Charm-Consolacion 
Charles @Charles-Ramilo 

We accept checks. Please contact us for payee.

We also encourage you to continue to post poems, songs, personal stories of Brandon on social media and please include #SaveBrandonLee #Justice4BrandonLee #StopTheAttacks #FriendsofBrandon 

Post here:
Friends of Brandon Lee Facebook Page

Other ways to get involved:

+ Share this fundraiser

+ Join us in hosting fundraising activities!

+ Legislative advocacy:
We will continue to pressure our legislative representatives to urge House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to help fund the airlift. The US government says they cannot fund Brandon’s airlift because he is not a public servant. But we all know that Brandon put his life on the line for serving the people. 

For legislative updates, visit San Francisco Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines.