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Since 2016, the Rodrigo Duterte Regime in the Philippines has launched endless and outlandish attacks against the Filipino people: most recently in the arrest of journalist Maria Ressa, most cowardly in the killing of sleeping peace activist and internationally protected Randy Malayao, and most famously in Duterte’s over 27,000 killings in his war on drugs.

Throughout Duterte’s presidency, the United States has provided unrestricted aid to the Philippine government, military and police, providing the Philippines with 184.5 million dollars in military aid in 2018, and promising at least 108 million for 2019 so far. Although US military aid to the Philippines this past year tied directly to Duterte’s brutal implementation of martial law in Mindanao, and despite the internationally recognized crimes of Duterte and his state forces, the U.S. has not veered in its financial and tactical support of the regime.

While Duterte has unleashed a literal bloody war on the people and further strangled them through economic policies, the Filipino people have not been cowed and are rising and intensifying efforts to isolate and remove Duterte, the main architect of their misery at this time. In true solidarity with the Filipino people, ICHRP-US is ramping up efforts as well.

Sign onto our campaign to demand a Congressional Hearing on human rights violations by the Philippine military and police! Demand an End to US Support of the Duterte Regime! Stop the Killings! Cut Aid to the Philippine Military and Police! No to Martial Law!

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